Almost half of U.S. companies are struggling to fill mission-critical positions, and the primary reason cited is a lack of available talent. (Source: ManpowerGroup’s 2012 Talent Shortage Survey)

Professional Training

Professional Training

Clearly, training is no longer optional. It is an essential investment in the long-term health of your business. The right training strategy is one that aligns with your corporate culture, engages your employees in active learning, and delivers the performance change you need to meet your objectives.

What are you doing to bridge the skills gap in your organization?

Whether you need to bring new employees up to speed or expand the skill sets of your existing team, I can help. I will partner with you to assess and conquer the gaps between where you are now and where you want to be.

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When asked what strategies they were using to overcome the difficulties filling positions, the most common response was to provide extra training and development to existing staff.
— ManpowerGroup’s 2012 Talent Shortage Survey